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About us

I ran a family practice for 27 years.  My practice and my home were in one building .My wife joined in and helped with dental assisting, administration of accounts and the staff. I also offered a 24 hours service (emergency after hours service).  Everything that empowered, energized, strengthened, stimulated and inspired ( EESSI) my family and I shared with my patients.

My patients became my friends. I worked like I did not need the money. I treated their children even if  they could not afford it.

I fought tooth and nail to force my specialist to discount treatment for patients who could not afford their fees. If they refused I forced them to supervise the treatment. I studied the malocclusion, got the skills and treated my patients under their mentorship. I had a relationship with my specialist (all of them).

My patients took me out of my comfort zone.

I grew rapidly as a dentist.

In my personal life …I am a motivational addict.

I read and attend courses in everything involving – mind, body , spirit issues.

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Because I work with a large number of adults and parents, I place these links on our blog which have had tremendous impact on some of their lives. I encourage you to explore them. I joined this amazing Investor's Club. Maybe you should check it out. It is absolutely worthwhile. 

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Because I work with large numbers of school children, I place these links on our blog which have had tremendous impact on their education and entrepreneurial skills. I encourage you to explore them as well (especially the e sport investment opportunity).

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"Don't Study Harder, Study SMARTER! – click on

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Full name: Doctor Mahomed Adams

Cell: 083 235 8707 

Office: 012 330 0323


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